Recovering ".qic"files


1. What is a .qic file?

A .qic file is a backup file written in QIC-113 format. A single .qic file contains a collection of files, much like a .zip file. Backup programs insert files into .qic files to gain a number of advantages including:

* Compression, typically cutting storage space for the file in half.

* Spanning, permitting large collections of files to be split across multiple discs.

* Extended attributes, saving long filenames, security, etc. so the files can be restored on any operating system exactly as they were originally.

2. How do I extract files from a .qic file?

Files can be extracted from a .qic file using the "restore" feature of the Windows 95/98 Backup program. The Backup program can be started from the start menu by selecting Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Backup.

3. How do I install the Windows 95/98 Backup program?

The Backup program is an optional accessory and may already be installed. If not, the Backup program can be installed using the following steps:

* From the start menu, select Settings -> Control Panel.
* Start "Add/Remove Programs".
* Click the "Windows Setup" tab.
* Select the "System Tools" component.
* Place a check mark next to "Backup"
* Click OK

If you experience difficulty restoring with the Windows 95 backup applet, try the Windows 98 version.

4. What are the limitations of Windows Backup?

The backup software provided by Microsoft on their Windows operating systems was intended as a simple utility to recover lost data. It was not designed to do complex backup operations or transport data between different operating systems.

5. How do I open .qic files on Windows NT/2000/XP?

Data sets generated by Windows 95/98/ME backup software are not compatible with Windows 2000 backup software. To transport data between operating systems, you will need to purchase a product designed for that purpose. You can use backup software to do that as long as the software that you are using works on both operating systems or writes data in a format that works with other software.

There is backup software available for Windows NT, 2000 and XP that will restore data written in .qic format that is generated by Windows 95/98/ME backup software. One such package is "Backup MyPC" by Roxio, available at

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